Sales & customer experience

Custom Trainings

Sales & customer experience

Custom Trainings

Sales & customer experience trainings

Sales, Negotiation and Influence

Applied! Applied! Applied! A course that changes paradigms, exemplifies techniques and tactics in real situations.

Negotiation with IKA stores

Maximizing performance in front of the shelf in the process of selling Modern Trade FMCG

Essential techniques in sales

Fundamental steps of the process, techniques verified in practice, fundamental skills for a successful seller

Simplicity and authenticity in the sales process for call centers

Develop sales skills, persuasion, identifying sales opportunities, changing the traditional seller mentality, efficient and authentic communication.

Sales and persuasion on the phone

Integration and development of communication and persuasion skills in the sale process, the 6 stages of the sale process, understanding the message behind an objection and overcoming it, preparing the sale process before any contact and my goal

Distributor Management

Business planning, translation into objectives, financial instruments used in the commercial, sales force motivation

Key Account Management

Double perspective, from a commercial director and a purchasing director, on the commercial relationship with Modern Trade FMCG

Fundamental elements of commercial management

A combination of hard-skills and soft skills, directly from practice, to increase long-term commercial performance

Category Management and Merchandising, differentiation performance

Methods of category development, process steps for integrating the trader’s strategy into their own strategy, merchandising rules and shelf measurement tools.

Customer service. Excellence in experience

An applied workshop, with concrete techniques from the practice of increasing customer focus in an assertive and profitable way

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