Management & Leadership

Custom Trainings

Management & Leadership

Custom trainings

Management & leadership trainings

Team Management

Soft skills and hard skills combined in a complete seminar, with tools with immediate applicability for managing your own team

Manager for the first time – your guide for performance in the new role

Managerial functions, roles and responsibilities, management styles, essential leadership behaviors, tools for team management

Performance Management, a basic process for the organization

Techniques and tools, performance evaluation and communication, consequence management and impact on other organizational processes

Business development through talent management

Talent identification, high potential vs. proven performance, career paths and development directions for a team star

Strategic Management – fundamental tools and steps in the process

Foundations, holistic vision, instruments with immediate applicability: PEST analysis, Porter model, SWOT, BCG matrix. Applied and extremely interactive.

Feedback and coaching skills – tools for increasing business performance

Similarities, differences: how we use each approach appropriate to the development context; role-playing games with the practice of various techniques and the skill of the art of asking crafting questions in coaching

Delegating and monitoring performance

Obstacles to delegation, but also benefits; leadership style and delegation style; how do I prepare and how exactly do I proceed to ensure the success of the whole process – role-playing games

Session management techniques

Translation into strategic / tactical / operational, concrete techniques of facilitation for increasing the efficiency and commitment of the participants

Change Management – how to get through a universe of emotions

Managing change from an individual perspective, and managing the process from an organizational perspective; building and communicating real organizational change

Stakeholder Management

A course on maximizing relationships with business partners, trust, responsibility and understanding of prospects, in order to align priorities.

The Path to Leadership and Leadership Psychology, Leadership and Management

Complementary dimensions of an efficient management act; The AND of the “good” leader; the transformational leader and the effect on the team; practical exercise of building and transmitting a vision to the organization

Motivation in the business environment

Essential techniques of self-motivation, eliminating bottlenecks, approaching contextual factors that generate motivation, tools to motivate teams in real business situations.

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