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There is a new consumer seeking for experiences and emotions.


Is your company able to adapt its communications and marketing to touch this new consumer?


This is the key question. Emotional is the new rational and we are facing a new professional consumer searching for new messages. As companies we need to focus our efforts in selling to the brain, not to the people.


Why you should participate to this workshop? What do we treat?


Neuromarketing or How to sell to the brain” workshop is a great opportunity for companies to deeply understand how the human brain works from a marketing and business point of view and try to understand and predict consumer’s behaviour, for example liking a brand, buying or not a product, etc.


The workshop is structured on a multitude of practical exercises and the participants will have the opportunity to be involved in the real measurements exercises with biometry measurements tools.


We believe that it is extremely important to know the future trends in the business and marketing industry. The future is straightly related to the knowledge of our consumers’ brain and we need to adapt our marketing efforts in this direction.



The workshop is structured following the results obtained by Pablo Ferreirós Bennett, neuromarketing specialist, during the experimental sessions in Spain and Romania using absolutely innovative technologies: Eye Tracking, Electroencephalography (EEG), FC (Face Coding), HR (Heart Rate monitors) and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response).


A mindblowing workshop about measuring emotions with EEG, GSR and Eye Tracking!


Neuromarketing workshop in Romania
Neuromarketing workshop Bucharest
Neuromarketing workshop in Bucharest

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