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Team building

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Customized team building trainings

Teambuilding concept can be seen as a relationships improving process  within the members of a group, helping them to overcome communication barriers and achieving common objectives.

Sfera Business’s approach is to customize the programs according to their clients needs and preferences, in order to obtain the maximum involvement of the participants.

Active Outdoor

Synthesized programs on competitive, orientation, logic and crafting activities.

Soft Outdoor

Programs that don’t involve transportation to a certain place and can be deployed within the location or in the surrounding area.


Soft programs include crafting or improvisation, similar to the soft outdoor programs, with the difference that they can be applied in a limited space and have a narrow applicability.


Resource Hunt (1h 30 min)

This concept is one of the most engaging in terms of insights. The program is built in the form of a diverse set of tests in which the participants will decipher the clues, quizzes and riddles, following the map and indicators of their team, in order to test the team work. During the course, the participants will encounter different obstacles and will have fun tests and riddles: Clock, Land mined, Favorite food, Perspective, etc.

Fun Olympics (2h)

The teams will participate in a competition, with less conventional equipment, with the objective of stimulating teamwork, leadership and good disposition, by participating in events such as: The Sally Ball, the Bridge, the Bucket and others.
The program will be run through: instructors, operational support and necessary materials.

Adventure Park (2h 30 min)

This concept is based on an orientation route with the compass and / or map, in which the participating teams will discover trials and challenges, on various levels of difficulty. The objective is to stimulate teamwork, leadership and strategic thinking, both through tests and through the most efficient route planning, in order to obtain maximum points, during the given time.
Tests range from puzzles that stimulate insight and ingenuity to more complex pieces, such as the Labyrinth or Totem.
Regardless of age, the program is designed so that anyone can participate and can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Animal Farm (2h)

ANIMAL FARM is a dynamic concept, which stimulates the participants’ ability to adapt to the unexpected situations encountered during the tests.
The tests consist of competitive activities, which put competitors in front of unique situations – imitating the behavior of some animals. Thus, the participants will compete by carrying the “egg”, they will drop bottles with the elephant horn and they will participate in other similar activities.

Water Splash (4h)

This program is specially created for the hot summer months.
We invite you to participate in some of the most energizing and fun team games.
We list a few of them: Flying Plates, Swimming Competition, Straddle Ironing, Water Wave, Fast Drink, Crocodile Lake, Target at BR, etc.

Car construction and races (4h)

This concept is one of the most dynamic and interesting for any event, combining both practical, construction and artistic skills to decorate and customize the car built.
The program is carried out in 3 stages: DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, RACE, and has the role of addressing collaboration, leadership and planning.


Congratulations (2h)

Because successful teams deserve CONGRATULATIONS, this program challenges teams to make a greeting, following a given theme, in which all members must appear, the goal being to work together and express team spirit.
The participants are divided into teams, each team being responsible for designing and designing a greeting card that will cover the whole team, together with their own message, using the materials made available.
This will result in a large greeting card (between 4 and 8 sqm), along with which participants will participate in a photo session.

The City of the Future (2h 30 min)

This activity involves building a city from scratch.
Both the overall vision and the attention to detail will have to go hand in hand, so that the community created works perfectly. For the design of the city, each team will be assigned to construct a well-defined area of the city (educational, business, relaxation, etc.), taking into account certain rules and roles assigned to team members.
This concept is one of the most interesting, in terms of creativity, for any indoor event.


Action games (2h)

Treasure hunt, quizzes or even complex tests – all of which can be brought together, anywhere, through the mobile application that underlies the concept of ACTION GAMES.
Thus, from exploring the city, to programs in mountain areas, ACTION GAMES is a concept that includes a large catalog of activities, which can be adapted to any location.

Reportage (2h)

Because teamwork must be immortalized, a video report will be made, following a humorous theme. The video report must contain a script (time placement of the story, story and dialogue for each character) and at least one scene, containing an interview with one of the characters and a reconstruction of the story.

The Civilizations of the Universe (3h)

Civilizations of the Universe is a concept that combines teamwork with creative expression and communication, in a program that will test participants’ ability to come up with ideas, build on colleagues’ ideas and make compromises, to complete the goal of the activities.
With the help of the information and materials provided, each team will have to create the culture of a civilization: clothing, crafts, totems, objects, specific rituals, etc.

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