Personal effectiveness skills for business

Personal effectiveness skills for business

Custom trainings

Customized trainings programs

How to successfully create and use an in-house Evaluation Center

Critical success factors, competencies to evaluate and provide solid evidence; making decisions and providing feedback.

Stress management – functional mechanism of emotional intelligence

3 answers that make the transition from pressure to stress; how well do i react? Self-evaluation of one’s coping style; sources of occupational stress and practical strategies for more efficient management.

Emotional intelligence – how we use emotions to increase business efficiency

Is Emotional Intelligence a real panacea for performance or just a concept made to sell? self-evaluation; practical exercises for developing useful components for the organizational environment.

Increased productivity through organization, planning and efficient management of resources

(Non) productivity psychology at the individual level: procrastination and self-discipline challenge; time thieves and practical activities of prioritization; development of planning capacity and useful project management tools.

Recruitment and Selection – from the cost center to the value added source

Organizational psychology and the correct prediction of performance; the proper use of the instruments, validity and fidelity; the employer brand in support of recruitment; from critical success factors to correct selection criteria.

Finance for non-finance

Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, utility and tips and tricks for quick understanding of points of interest, depending on the actual needs of the participants.

Personal brand in organizations

Identification and clarification of the personal mission, efficient communication and transformation into key messages, unique competitive advantages for the career, professional differentiation, an intrusive, personal seminar, with strong impact at individual level.


Productive entrepreneurial behaviors applied in the organizational environment, key points for responsibility for the task and project, internal patterns, organization and decision making

Productivity through Excel and Outlook

Rapid transfer of “technical” knowledge with immediate applicability

Problem solving. Effective strategies and approaches to troubleshooting and decission makinng

Anticipation, identification, definition, solution, impact. Creative and efficient techniques. Tips and tricks.

Leading without authority

The resources needed to convey credibility, build strong relationships and achieve the desired results, without using the power and authority.

Efficiency for performance

Fundamental elements of time management, prioritization, results orientation.

Strategic critical thinking

Learn to think differently, develop your ability to innovate strategically!

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