Open sessions

We constantly have open trainings in some of the most relevant and innovative areas of knowledge.

Open sessions

We constantly have open trainings in some of the most relevant and innovative areas of knowledge.

Updated knowledge, applied cases, top experts

Our open sessions are facilitated by experts with vast experience in the Romanian market and internationally, and they combine the ideal balance between conceptual learning and applied, practical cases and exercises.

Our participants also get the opportunity to apply the tools that they learn in class to their own projects and even test their strategies with our technologies!

Sales, Negotiation and Influence

Catalin Stancu | February 10-11

A very practical course, provided by experts with over 15 years of experience. This training changes paradigms and exemplifies techniques and tactics in real situations.

Well-being and resilience in the organization - Emotional Intelligence in action!

Florin Glinta | March 16-17

The course aims to provide resources for self-knowledge and personal resilience development.

Communicating to influence. The neuroscientific approach to visual communication.

Adriana González Gil | March 18

This course takes a neuroscientific approach on how we perceive visual stimuli and make decisions.

NLP tools for improving business relationships

Diana Dodoc-Stanculescu | April 21-22

This course is an excellent opportunity for participants to learn new business communication tools.

Online Business Simulation. Play. Learn. Win.

Catalin Stancu | May 17-18 | October 18-19

Improve your business skills. Immediately check the impact of your decisions in a virtual business environment.

The science behind buying. How to influence the process.

Adriana González Gil | June 10-11

In this course, we will understand the human brain, the process behind decision-making, the effect of emotions, senses and instincts on our day-to-day, and review numerous real-life cases.

NLP to increase communication efficiency

Diana Dodoc-Stanculescu | September 22

The communication process is one of the most important, maybe even in the top 3 processes that support professional and personal change, and it's the basis of interpersonal relationships.

The manager in coach shoes, or how we accompany people in overcoming their own obstacles

Florin Glinta | November 15

A course with a lot of interaction and practical exercises, useful tips & tricks and feedback offered for mini-coaching sessions held in the presence of all participants.

Upcoming open academies

Leadership Academy open
Leadership Academy: January – April 2021

A very interactive online program, created for participants to develop their essential leadership skills.