Communication and influencing skills

Communication and influencing skills

Custom trainings

Customized training programs

Active listening and empathic communication

Empathy is the basis of achieving the desired results, growth
sales, developing leadership skills and improving performance in the work environment!

Efficient communication by telephone

Identification of communication barriers, development and integration of communication skills – emotion, phrasing, communication and positive attitude, key questions, persuasion, power of perception and assumption, non-verbal communication, active listening. Development of self-confidence.

Communication and relationship with the other; development of an armonious team climate

Hunger for social validation through communication; efficient relationship with different personality patterns; practical exercises of communication with report techniques and elements of NLP.

Presentation and public speaking skills constructed by neuroscience techniques

Increasing the degree of commitment, essential influencing skills in company presentations and outside the client. Seminar that uses neuroscience technology: EEG, GSR, Face Coding and Eye Tracking Glasses.

Mastering people interaction

How to build positive interactions, a healthy work environment and lasting connections.

Building and delivering a memorable presentation with success

Transmiting a message with impact in the organization; construction of a presentation; red thread; influence and elements of language.

Business communication; how to cultivate an elegant and efficient style

Profiles of business partners and appropriate relationship styles. Difficult conversations with clients and other organizational actors with high expectations. How to write efficiently and elegantly in business messages.

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