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The metamodel - the importance of questions in the communication process

Thanks to the metamodel, a tool used to recognize how language works in our neurology, as we build our maps on reality we can easily observe how patterns govern our lives. In fact, language plays an obvious role in every area of ​​life.

The language used governs the affairs and health of our families, the success or failure in business, dictates the level of our influence in churches, schools, political parties and even in the forms or reforms of our social environments. In all these systems, and in many others, language creates or destroys, confers power or limits our experiences. Influential language patterns come from the metamodel and give us a golden opportunity to influence our lives. The importance of the questions we use through the simple and deliberate use of these language patterns, extends our maps to experience more power and flexibility.

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Logistic details

2 hours


Learning Objective

  • A vision of language;
  • A series of questions designed to lead to the challenge of eliminating generalizations, distortions, omissions, information deficiencies.
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