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The structure of the meetings. A model translated into online communication

The business context in 2020 will be different from everything that has happened so far. Remote work becomes part of us and our teams, and online meeting platforms are a supporting tool without which we will not be able to live. But they are not enough. Technology keeps up with the times, that’s right. However, it is imperative to have a structure in place to continue to set meetings on the strategic-tactical-operational model, to work focused, as a team. Sure, it’s even more difficult. Self-discipline is crucial, and the ability to facilitate structured meetings certainly makes the difference in team performance.

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Logistic details

1.5 hours


Learning Objective

How to build and implement a model of online meetings that will ensure my functionality and commitment at the team level.

How the webinar runs


Facilitation, sharing of best practice – efficient means of meeting construction.


Presentation of the strategic-tactical-operational model; format and manner of construction of the agenda; tips and tricks for increasing communication efficiency.


Team exercise, case study. Preparation of a semi-annual structure of online meetings for a company operating on the Romanian market.
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* 50% of the proceeds will go to the Emergency Fund for Hospitals of the Magic Association.


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