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Why neuromarketing is crucial for your business

There is a new consumer looking for experiences and emotions. Is your company able to adapt its communication and marketing strategies to reach this new consumer?

In the “Why neuromarketing is crucial for your business” learning pill you will find an excellent opportunity to deeply understand how the human brain works from the point of view of marketing and business, but also to understand and predict consumer behavior, for example, or preferences. for a particular brand, the desire to buy or not buy a product.

The webinar is structured based on the results obtained by Pablo Ferreirós Bennett, neuromarketing specialist, in the experimental sessions in Spain and Romania, where he used innovative technologies such as Eye Tracking, EEG (electroencephalogram) and GSR (galvanic skin response).

Logistic details

2 hours


Learning objective

Understanding the deep neurological mechanisms that underlie our decisions, and how you can trigger the right emotions that determine the decision to “buy” a person.

Among the topics presented


From marketing to neuromarketing.


The brain of the consumer and the behavior of the buyer.


The Triune Brain Model; the list of “pains” shared by people.


Changing the style of thinking in the proposals to your clients: from what to what. The Golden Circle exercise.
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* 50% of the proceeds will go to the Emergency Fund for Hospitals of the Magic Association.


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