Empowerment - benefits of leading by empowering your team members

Managing and management systems are needed to ensure that the team works on the right tasks and produces the expected results.

Measuring, controlling, and making decisions is a big part of managing the team. Leadership is earned by the trust of your team. One of the best tools for building trust is empowering your team members to do their own decisions. Empowering the team requires skills and knowledge from the leader.

You need to be able to build a common ground for decision-making, but also understand your own limitations as a decision-maker. When you lead well, your team can make better decisions than you. In this webinar, we will go through real-life cases of successful empowerment. Learn the difference between delegation and empowering.

Learn how you will learn how to ensure that your team will make better decisions than you would ever do.

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1.5 hours


Learning objective

Why and how to empower your team members.

How the webinar runs


Challenging yourself to solve a few real-life problems.


Commenting on how others have solved the problems (round table commenting).


Best practices and real-life examples from Nordic Business Forum.


Checklist: How to delegate decision-making power?
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* 50% of the proceeds will go to the Emergency Fund for Hospitals of the Magic Association.

Empowerment: benefits of leading by empowering your team members – 1.5h

Trainer: Aslak De Silva
MAY 25 | 18-19.30h

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